Connecting your Wave Headphones via Bluetooth

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Wave headphones!

Next step — connecting your Wave headphones to your favorite Bluetooth enabled devices to enjoy listening for wherever, whenever.

Connecting to your Wave headphones could not be easier. Start by confirming the pairing device has Bluetooth set to ON.

To get started:

1. From off, PRESS AND HOLD the Play/Pause button until you hear a voice announcement of "Pairing". 

2. On your pairing device, identify the Wave headphones in your Bluetooth settings and confirm pairing.

3. A voice announcement will sound announcing that the pairing was successful. 

4. Press play on your favorite content and enjoy your wireless listening with the Wave headphones.

Pairing multiple devices?

The Wave Headphones are able to maintain one bluetooth device settings in memory. If you would like to pair the headphones to a new device, please follow the same steps above as you would to pair for the first time. 

Note. This will override the previous connection settings.

That’s it! Your Wave headphones are connected and you’re ready to rock your next session. Now go grab your headphones and have fun logging those laps!