Manual Firmware Update

Preface: To update your EDGE with beta firmware, you will have to download a separate app from our manufacturer, and share the firmware file attached to this email to the app.

1) Go to the App Store and download an app named 'NRF Connect' on iOS and Android

2) Once the app is installed correctly, come back to page and open the Google Drive file here.

3) If you are on an iPhone, you will use the 'share sheet' button (video here) to share the file directly to the NRF Connect app. If you are on Android you will locate the file normally and open in the app as shown in this video.

4) The NRF app will open to a screen that shows all of the available Bluetooth devices. Please make sure your EDGE is awake with the blue button blinking, their refresh the NRF feed. There should be a device with 'Phlex' and a bunch of numbers. Please connect to that.

5) Once in the connection screen, swipe right to the fourth screen which is a DFU document picker. Please locate the file and then click start.

6) The firmware update process will start and the square to the top right will fill blue as it uploads. 

7) Once the upload is finished, wait for your EDGE to initialize back to a 'wake mode' when the front light is slowly pulsing blue and the back light shows battery level.

8) Assuming these steps were followed successfully, your EDGE should now be good to go. I would strongly recommend recording a few test workouts on the EDGE and uploading them for further confirmation.

Please reach out to us at if you have any further issues with your device manual update.