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Let's find the perfect fit for your EDGE on your everyday goggles.

The Freedom Of Your Own Goggles

Say Hello to the Future

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the preferences of swimmers, because we are swimmers. From the very beginning we knew you couldn't take a swimmers goggles away from them, so we designed the EDGE to fit goggles from every major swim brand. Let's get you setup.

Before We Proceed

In order to provide perfect EDGE placement and a comfortable fit on your goggles, here are some important points to know before we go further.

  • The EDGE is designed to ALWAYS be worn on the right side of your goggles
  • Cap or no cap, the EDGE works as long as the heart rate sensor is touching skin
  • If you are experiencing any EDGE 'flipping,' your goggle strap tightness and placement in the EDGE channel is the number 1 culprit. (see below)

General Setup

The in-depth explanation of how to find the perfect fit for your EDGE with your goggles.

  • Begin by tightening your Goggle Straps more than they normally are. This assures a snug EDGE fit.
  • Make sure that your goggle straps are being thread through the Strap Opening and are tight.
    *Some looser fitting straps require you spread your straps 1 top the top and 1 to the bottom.

  • Slide your EDGE to the front of your goggles so it is touching the beginning of the your Goggle Frame.
  • Place your Goggles on your head and begin sliding your EDGE away from your frame by 1-2 finger widths Goggle Frame
  • Be conscious that the area on the EDGE closest to your eyes must still be in contact with your skin.
  • If the suction of your goggles feels off balance on the EDGE side, continue moving the EDGE back.

First Splash with your EDGE

Before you start your first workout with your EDGE, follow these steps to be certain you have a perfect fit in the water.

  • After following the above General Setup,  jump into the pool so we can test your EDGE fit.
  • Put on your goggles and cap (if you use one) as you normally would for a workout.
  • From the gutter of the pool, bob up and down to assure your goggles aren't filling with water.
  • If you've confirmed Step 3, do a strong push off from the wall to see how your goggles and EDGE react with some speed. 
  • If at this point your EDGE feels like it has flipped on your goggle strap, return to the wall and make sure your goggles are tight, and that your straps are threaded through the EDGE as follows.
  • After coming the push off step, bring your goggles from your eyes to your forehead. Be conscious during this action that you are grabbing your goggles and EDGE so that your EDGE doesn't flip.

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