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Phlex EDGE - Phlex Swim

Phlex EDGE

The EDGE is a premium swimming fitness tracker featuring heart rate feedback, stroke analysis, and professional workout planning in a seamless, goggle worn design.

Simply thread the EDGE onto your goggle strap and wear during any swim workout. Following your workout, the EDGE syncs with the Phlex Swim App to present vital training analytics, log your workout, and provide future workouts.

Due to increased demand, we’ve decided to close EDGE pre-orders until we deliver the product to our early backers. Our current expected shipping date is in July.

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The All In One Training Solution

The first of its kind, EDGE is designed for all swimmers to get the most of their workout

Smart Workout Tracking

Actively learning what kind of swimmer you are, the EDGE recognizes workout structure, sets, strokes and intervals with zero input

Improve Your Technique

With over 30 swimming metrics displayed in the Phlex Swim App, the EDGE is the industry leader in clear and concise technical analysis

Real Time Heart Rate Feedback

The EDGE vibrates what heart rate zone you are in with the press of a button or by turning on the automatic feedback 

Machine Learning Algorithm

Phlex' proprietary machine learning algorithm fuels the EDGE with advanced data breakdown, as well as seamless cloud updates 

Coach & Athlete Solutions

Coaches can easily see their swimmers heart rate zones with coach mode, view training data, set goals, and let swimmers grade their training

Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy®

Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, the EDGE can last up to 7 hours on one charge, tracking almost an entire weeks workouts

How does it work?

It's as simple as threading your goggle strap through the EDGE and going for a swim. The process has been designed to be as simple as possible so that you can focus more on your workout. The EDGE is designed to fit most popular goggles.

Not just a watch

You wouldn't run a marathon in sandals, so why train for swimming wearing a watch. Watches and chest-worn heart rate monitors are cumbersome and bulky, which increases the chances that your stroke will suffer. Lose those inefficiencies and embrace the EDGE technology, a head based, hydrodynamic design that's virtually unnoticeable when being worn.

Train more efficiently

The EDGE actively learns what kind of swimmer YOU are by recognizing workout structure, sets, strokes, and intervals. It even finds inefficiencies in the way you train, then recommends ways to fix them.

Phlex Swim App

Review workout analytics, review your past workouts in the logbook, and even plan your next workout. All in app.

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Improve your technique

The EDGE utilizes biometric and inertial sensors to track over 30 swimming metrics during training, which are then interpreted to provide technical analysis and stroke tips post workout.

Stay in your zone

Smart tracking alerts you of your current Heart Rate zone with haptic feedback vibrations. The ability to track your heart rate in real time is THE most important analytic to have during a workout.

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Are you a club or collegiate team looking to bring Phlex technology to your training system? Email us at to get in touch with a sales representative that can offer special discounted prices on the EDGE for coordinated team orders over 8 units.

The EDGE is tested with some of the most elite training groups on the planet, from division 1 collegiate national champions, to Olympic Team members from the U.S. to Australia.